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2023  Touring Dates

* Sept 22    Jo Long Theatre                           San Antonio, TX                         8 pm

* Sept 23    Jo Long Theatre                           San Antonio, TX                         7:30 pm

* Oct 27      Killeen Arts & Activity Ctr           Killeen, TX                                    8 pm 

* Oct 28     Killeen Arts & Activity Ctr            Killeen, TX                                  7:30 pm

* Nov 18      W.E. Scott Theatre                         Ft. Worth, TX                              7:30 pm

Synopsis   "Divorce Saved My Marriage"

Unintended consequences are set in motion which causes Tony’s Marriage to become rocky. Blinded by barriers that are sabotaging his relationship, time will prove if he's willing to put up the fight to save it.

Cast Of "Mr. Fix-It"

"Theatre is the process of making the abstract            a concrete reality invoking change"

Bobby McMorris

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